Who am I? (1/3):   2021-01-18

In any puzzle, each piece has its place, where it fits perfectly. Together, all the pieces, creates a picture which always astonish the onlooker. Each piece has only one place to fit, to create that spesific picture. That peace was created for that spesific fit, to form that perfect picture. So also were we created to fit in a specific place, to form a spesific picture.

When you look in the mirror know this, the uniqueness you see, it's God's choice. He Himself worked on you to give you that distinctive look and character. You are perfect, created for His purpose, to fill the incomplete picture!




God is with me AND for Me (2/2):   2021-01-17

When I am in a spot of trouble, it helps me to know: Jesus cares about my welfare! EVEN IF my troubles continue into tomorrow.


FAITHFUL ... OH ... FAITHFULL IS HE ... in my time of distress!


God is with me AND for Me (1/2):   2021-01-16

There will be times when you feel all allone, BUT, you're not! God ... wil NEVER quit on you!


If, it was not for the fact, that Jesus Christ loves us so much, and keep on showing us kindness, even though we DO NOT deserve it, our circumstances would have already destroyed us!


Love from within (1 Cor 13)   2021-01-15

When you do something for someone else to expect a reward, it's not love, it's called planning!


Making a decision to face the odds, by standing between a threatening danger and a friend, through an act of kindness is what I call courageous. Such an act could take as little as two seconds, but is has the power to change a life for ever!