Believe and keep on believing even during persecution   2017-08-18

… Believe and keep on believing even during persecution ...


Act 24:14 But I confess this to you, that after the Way which they call heresy, so I worship the God of my fathers, believing all things that are written in the Law and in the Prophets.


Here is a tragic story ... Really tragic and I'm sad when I think about it ... I have a friend and she comes from a very traditional church culture - the same as me


Do not misunderstand, she is a child of God ... The Holy Spirit revealed to her that He wants her to be baptized ... We talked a lot about it ... and she intended to do so, because He convinced her, so, as soon as an opportunity is there she will ...


Although I reminded her over time, she delayed and postponed .... later she talked to her "church leader" because she was a Sunday school teacher ... about her conviction ...


He convinced her it's not necessary! You are ok! In addition, he told her that it does not matter how you do it, because it's your heart which matters, that is what counts with the Lord!


Here in our church we just do it differently, so if you want to, go, but here, our people believe differently - and we are still going to heaven isn't it so? She was convinced that it is not necessary.


Now for years she goes through devastating persecution over her Christianity. So bad she is afraid to talk to strangers about her faith. Emotionally she is unsure about things. 


In her life, those who do not serve the Lord - but say they know him, makes the world so difficult for her, and at any confrontation she runs away!


Choose! Speak to the Lord! Choose today who you are going to serve - so says your God! Are you from the house of Soul - who wants to please people? Or are you from David's house who wants to please Me? Choose - says the Lord!


If they persecuted me, surely they will persecute you, and if they murdered me, why would they not want to destroy you? Why will they not want to kill you? Believe and be obedient!