To His children He gives tasks to do   2017-08-19

… To His children He gives tasks to do ...


For the Lord knows the way of the righteous, But the way of the ungodly shall perish.

Psalms 1:6

There is a South African saying thing which says ... I know my customers! This I realized this week when my commnder was absent and I had to be the acting!


There are certain people who you can trust, you do not even have to ask them, they know what to do and they do it out of their own.


Then there are those who you should check up on if they did what you asked. Then there are those who others tells you ... That man / woman! They are not going to do this or that! And so there are many examples ...


What do we do? We share tasks with those whom you trust and rely on them to help you. The others are automatically moved to an outside circle - it is human nature ...


Why, because there is a job to be done! Slowly but surely the paths of the wicked leads to death and destruction. Those who fight against the Way of the Lord! They will stand ashamed before Him . With empty hands they will come before His throne - and they will say ... I only I have listened!


Why does the Lord give His children tasks to do? And why are they opposed when they do what the Lord orders? For there is a way that looks right for the world, but its end is death - and many walks on that road speak the Word of the Lord!


The end of it is death!